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The 2nd Annual Next Generation Cancer Vaccine Development Summit returns as the only industry-dedicated meeting bringing you the most up-to-date clinical and commercial developments utilizing next-generation vaccines for solid tumours and other cancers.  

Why have we failed in the past and how can we succeed in the future? By deciphering the challenges of antigen selection, point mutations, delivery, and resistance mechanisms, the 2nd Next Generation Cancer Vaccine Development Summit will focus on overcoming the translational and clinical challenges of therapeutic and prophylactic vaccines for oncology indications.  

Gain access to fresh studies and discussions covering ‘Personalized vs Off-the-Shelf’, shared neoantigens, immuno-stimulating adjuvants, understanding the tumour microenvironment, and insights into cancer vaccine candidates currently under clinical assessment.   

Access the official 2022 event guide to learn more.

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Join 100+ senior scientists, vaccine developers and oncology specialists who are committed to bringing the next generation of cancer vaccines through the clinic and into the market this August 16-17, Boston MA. 

Our 2022 Expert Speaker Faculty Includes

Christine Palmer

Director, Clinical Immunology

Gritstone Bio

Kathryn Sykes

VP Research and Product Development

Calviri, Inc

Vipul Bhargava

Senior Principal Scientist

Janssen R&D

Anna Morena D’Alise

Head of Preclinical and Clinical Immunology


Lelia Delamarre

Senior Principal Scientist


Robert Meehan

Senior Director, Clinical Development


Tim Boyd

Director of Development

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With a focus on next-generation platforms, including srRNA, mRNA, DNA, peptide, and engineered viral vector-based vaccines, this niche 3-day agenda has been specifically designed to help industry experts to:

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Understand potent adjuvant mechanisms to use synergistically with your chosen vaccine platform, driving optimal immune responses

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Overcome antigen selection challenges to better inform your personalised and off-the-shelf cancer vaccine development

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Directly compare vaccine platforms all under one roof, allowing you to get to grips with delivery challenges, effective combination therapies, and immune suppression mechanisms