Welcome to the Inaugural Next Generation Cancer Vaccine Development Summit

New emerging data has made us rethink the power of vaccines in oncology. Why have we failed in the past, and how can we succeed in the future? By deciphering the challenges of immune suppression, resistance patterns and the tumour microenvironment, the Next Generation Cancer Vaccine Development Summit will explore emerging vaccine technologies and combination therapies to ensure the future clinical success of your cancer vaccines.

The Next Generation Cancer Vaccine Development Summit will unite over 100 senior scientists and oncology specialists who are committed to finding better antigens, more effective vectors, reassessing target patient populations and exploring new platforms with clinical data where CD8 immune responses have been documented to be strong and long lasting.

With more and more clinical data showing successes in application of cancer vaccines, this September’s unique event will focus on overcoming the translational and clinical challenges of developing vaccines targeting cancers including melanoma, pancreatic, prostate, colon and brain.  With a focus on mRNA, DNA, and peptide vaccines & combination therapies, this targeted 3-day agenda has been specifically designed to help industry experts to:

Cancer Vaccines Bullet

Overcome immune resistance obstacles and challenges with the tumour microenvironment

Cancer Vaccines Bullet

Define the most appropriate and efficacious vaccine formulations by comparing and contrasting shared clinical results

Cancer Vaccines Bullet

Progress your own expertise and experience while forging complementary partnerships and alliance

The digital Next Generation Cancer Vaccine Development Summit is not only the first, but the only dedicated meeting that brings you the most up to date clinical and commercial developments utilizing mRNA, DNA, peptide, and other next gen platforms to bring new cancer immunotherapies to market.

Expert Speaker Faculty Includes:

Niranjan Sardesai

Chief Executive Officer

Geneos Therapeutics

Andy Ferguson

VP, Clinical Science

Gritstone Oncology

Alejandro Sepulveda

Scientific Director, Head of Cancer Vaccines


Lena Kranz

Director Cancer Vaccines


Tom Davis

Chief Medical Officer

Genocea Biosciences

Victor Levitsky

Chief Scientific Officer


Laurent Humeau

Chief Scientific Officer


Mark Findeis

Executive Director, Research Biochemistry

Agenus Bio

Lead Partner