About Event

Translating Pandemic Innovation into Cancer Vaccine Success

Gain access to fresh studies and discussions covering ‘Personalized vs Off-the-Shelf’, shared neoantigens, immuno-stimulating adjuvants, understanding the tumour microenvironment, and insights into cancer vaccine candidates currently under clinical assessment. 

The 2nd Next Generation Cancer Vaccine Development Summit is the only industry-dedicated meeting that brings you the most up-to-date clinical and commercial developments utilizing mRNA, DNA, viral vector, and peptide-based vaccines for solid tumours and other cancers.

Diverse Discussions

Our roundtable and panel discussions bring together multi-specialty, cross background professionals to discuss the biggest challenges faced by the industry and discover the solution together. Roundtable and panel discussions for 2022 will include:

Evaluating Combination Therapies to Maximise Anti-Tumour Immune Activity

  • What is the ideal combination strategy for cancer vaccines?
  • What are the best combination therapies that maximise both cellular & humoral responses and efficacy?
  • How to identify a clear biologic effect caused by combination
  • Improving clinical efficacy through immunotherapy combinations

How can biotechs best leverage partnerships early on in drug development to ensure cancer vaccine success?

  • Assessing the importance of bringing in the right staff from the field
  • Developing the science and the story in early development to attract potential partners, when you don’t have clinical data available
  • Attributes of a perfect partnership
  • Types of partnerships (in/out licensing of product, financing of clinical trial, providing comparator drug, etc.)
  • Key partnerships crucial at different timepoints
  • Evidence from the field where effective partnerships have resulted in key developments

Compelling Case Studies

The 2nd Next Generation Cancer Vaccine Development Summit provides a forum for leaders to share the newest advancements in vaccine development for oncology. In a year that has seen the field revolutionised with new antigens, new combination therapies, and promising clinical data, we have curated a speaker faculty to bring you insights and data like never before. See our full event guide to learn how this summit will optimize your toolkit to stay ahead of the competition:

Understand how the optimization of lipid nanoparticles allows for efficient and safe delivery of mRNA

Hear Moderna speak on the use of their mRNA technology platform for the development of personalised mRNA-based vaccines for cancer


Learn the critical steps in DNA vaccine development to allow rapid, strong, and CD8-dominating responses


From pre-clinical studies to clinical signs of efficacy in patients, understand from Nykode the advantages of DNA-based technology for both off-the-shelf and individualized cancer vaccine developments for both HPV and solid tumor indications

Understand How a Novel Heterologous Prime Boost Vaccine System Drives Tumor Specific T-Cell Responses

Hear Gritstone bio speak on their vaccine using an adenoviral vector carrying srRNA can drive tumor-specific and potent CD8+ responses to guide your own internal choice of vaccine platform


Development of a First-in-class Shared Neo-Antigen Vaccine for the Treatment of Prostate Cancer


Hear Janssen speak on the critical steps in finding optimal antigens for cancer vaccinations, novel tumor bioavailability, and understanding transcriptional availability to accelerate preclinical development and reach the clinic with a robust product strategy