Viral Vectored Vaccines Targeting Many Neoantigens elicit effective anti-tumor T cell immunity and response in combination with anti-PD1

Time: 1:15 pm
day: Day Two


  • Nouscom proprietary engineered viral vectors encoding large number of tumor
    neoantigens elicit strong immune response and effectively synergize with
    checkpoint inhibitors (CPI) to eradicate large tumors in preclinical models
  • Effectiveness of vaccination is CD8 mediated and correlates with expansion and
    diversification of the intratumoral T cell repertoire
  • Clinical development in indications with high Tumor Mutational Burden
    responsive to CPI, with an off-the-shelf vaccine targeting 209 shared frameshift
    mutations for treatment of MSI tumors and a personalized vaccine targeting
    up to 60 neoantignes for treatment of NSCLC and melanoma: preliminary
    clinical evidence