Identification of Immunogenic MHC Class II Human HER3 Peptides that Mediate Anti-HER3 CD4 + Th1 Responses and Potential Use as a Cancer Vaccine

Time: 3:15 pm
day: Pre-Conference Focus Day


  • HER3 peptide-pulsed dendritic cell vaccination resulted in anti-HER3 CD4+ Th1 responses that prevented tumor development, significantly delayed tumor growth in prevention models, and caused regression in multiple therapeutic models of HER3-expressing murine tumors, including mammary carcinoma and melanoma
  • Tumors were robustly infiltrated with CD4+ T cells, suggesting their key role in tumor rejection
  • Data demonstrates that class II HER3 promiscuous peptides are effective at inducing HER3-specific CD4+ Th1 responses and suggest their applicability in immunotherapies for human HER3-overexpressing tumors